Class of 2016

My subject area and the topic of interests within the field of graphic design is art direction. Outside — people. During this project, I understood the key points of art direction and turn them inside out bringing a sip of fresh air into the yearbook design. By using photography as a primary tool for self-expression I've created a yearbook where are depicted all of the alumni of BHSAD (Brithish Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow) 2016. This yearbook has two main goals: the first one is for BHSAD to remember us and to us to remember our classmates, and the second one —to find a person to collaborate with in future. The yearbook itself consist of the spreads with people (for every alumni — one spread and for the representative of the course — 2) and several content pages which help interested people to find their future employe or colleague. The content pages themselves consist of the information which I gathered by asking peers 17 different questions after the shooting.