Cover letter
Creative Director
Yasha Faibisovich

/ Apple's impact on design and the world is so profound that I don't feel the need to explain it. You know that, I know that, Apple's fans know that and even Apple's haters know that or, clearly, they wouldn't be haters. I want to contribute to this impact and I would like to tell you why.

To be honest, I've never thought of marketing as something I would like to do one day, and there was a specific reason for that, which is also the reason I am writing to you now. My experience with marketing has been one big disappointment because this much was clear to me: to do marketing well, you need to understand the product and care about it, as well as caring about and respecting people who you want to be your customers. But all marketing I've ever seen and worked with was motivated by quick profit or lead generation. At best, the product was not selling well; in the worst scenarios, a very good product was being changed and adapted to an ill-fitting marketing strategy.

/ Throughout my career so far I have learned to always care about the product, whether it was an electric scooter, navigation system for the visually impaired, wayfinding for public transport systems or education programmes. Along the way I also acquired other skills and qualities which would help me become a well-qualified, versatile professional. If I were to try and condense this experience into a few lines, they would look something like this:
• I always try to understand the user / customer
• I can criticise and be thanked for that
• I can be criticised and be thankful for that
• I respect guidelines but can always go beyond
• I always have a reason for my decisions
• I know when to put my pride aside

/ I am fully aware I am not an obvious choice for this position — my experience with marketing is, after all, limited. And yet, for the reasons outlined above, I think I am a good choice. I will do my best to continue the great tradition and to ensure that people want to buy a new product not simply because it has a great new camera or bigger battery, but because they trust Apple and its products.